Our MadZine collaborators

Introducing some of the Zinesters we’re hoping to work with…..

Rachel Rowan-Olive

Rachel is an artist and mental health system survivor, with lived expertise around ‘personality disorder’ and self-harm. She has made dozens of zines and artwork about mental health, politic and pets (often featuring her canine companion, Kel). She has also worked on a range of mental health research projects around mental health crisis services and stigma.

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Dolly Sen

Dolly is an artist, writer, mental health consultant and trainer, with lived experience of various mental health diagnoses. Dolly has created numerous zines and single panel cartoons and recently curated an Arts, Mental Health and Protest exhibition at Bethlem’s Museum of the Mind. Recently she decided to ‘section’ the DWP for being a danger to mad and disabled people:

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Rose Sergent

Rose is the founder and editor of Drawn Poorly Zine a collective providing arts opportunities to challenge stigma and encourage conversations about living with chronic illness, disability and mental illness.

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Hamja Ahsan

Hamja is co-creator of the DIY Cultures festival of creative activism, zines and independent publishing. Hamja has been researching and creating zines for over 25 years and has unrivalled knowledge about zines especially with regards to mental health, autism and people of colour. His extensive zine collection, amassed over 25 years has been archived here.  He is the author of Shy Radicals, The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert. 

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Meg-John Barker

Meg-John is a writer, activist and author of many books including Queer: a Graphic Guide, They create zines on mental health, gender and sexuality, including plural selves and radical self-care.

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