This new research project explores how Zines ‘craft contention’ about mental health – and can help to turn individual struggles into critical issues for society.

Over the next three years we plan to identify, analyse and co-produce a diverse range of what we collectively refer to as MadZines.

Two people reading a zine together. The title of the zine is 'Madzine'

We are interested in their potential to challenge prevailing psychological, psychiatric and medical understandings, diagnoses and treatments.

We are excited by their potential as a unique form of psychiatric survivorship, offering new and evolving repertoires of contention for progressive mental health movements.

We hope our work will inform the way zines are researched, understood and theorised. It will also be used to explore how zines can challenge stigma and discrimination, transform policy and practice and contribute to formal and informal learning about mental health.

Do you have ideas about that, or any questions?