Restorative Approaches to Mental Health Service Development


The MadZines team contributed to a symposium at JSWEC 2023 in Glasgow in June: Social Work Education, Research and Practice in Turbulent Times.

This page contains a list of resources developed to support the session  

Symposium Abstract

Powerpoint slides

Exploring the case for truth and reconciliation in mental health services

Origins of CCrAMHP – Critical and Creative Approaches to Mental Health in Lancaster

Developing our MadZine pedagogy

MadZine research Youtube channel with Tam Martin Fowles’ zines and the MadZines run through

Tam Martin Fowles’ blog post on the MadZine research website.

Psychiatry is driving me mad – Wren Aves’ blog.

Friends make the Best Medicine – a guide to creating community mental health support networks



Asylum Magazine

MadZine research

Hope in the Heart

International Mad Studies Journal 


Letting Stories Breathe by Arthur Frank.

Notes from Underground by Stephen Duncombe

Articles by CCrAMHP members

Some catches of the mental health system – Andy Baxter

Not my story – Julia Buxton