Mad Studies

Mad studies is an umbrella term – spanning a field of scholarship and activism.

Cover of Mad Matters
It foregrounds the lived experience of people who may identify as mad, mentally ill, psychiatric survivors, consumers, service users, patients, neurodiverse or disabled. As a field, Mad Studies is both ‘new’ and a continuation of previous radical scholarship in the mental health field – both in the UK and in other parts of the world. The purpose and direction of Mad Studies is still evolving, and different scholars have different emphases and priorities. 



Introducing Mad Studies – by Brenda Le Francois and Robert Menzies

Mad Matters: a critical reader in Canadian Mad Studies

Mad Studies: what is is and why you should care – by Lucy Costa

Searching for a Rose Garden by Jasna Russo and Angela Sweeney

The Rise of Mad Studies by Alex Gillis

Who is Included in the Mad Studies Project? – by H. Spandler and Dina Poursanidou


Organisations and Initiatives

Birmingham Mad Studies Reading Group

Mad Studies Network

Mad Studies North East

Oor Mad History

RMIT Mad Studies Network


Mad Studies courses

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Ryerson University